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Deconstructed Cox Ferro Vitro Chandelier for Kyubi

Design details.

A collaboration with Cox London, this illuminated sculpture is a celebration of the Meiji period whereby Western philosophical, political, scientific, and aesthetic ideas permeated the Empire of Japan between 1868-1912. Rooted in the tradition of modernist and constructivist art, the illuminated sculpture is composed of free-style drawings of wrought iron and hand-blown pockets of glass.



Composed of numerous strokes of wrought iron, 18 lanters of hand-blown glass, and spanning 4.3m by 2.5m, it took numerous days to fully fabricate. The frosty shades and sporadically sketchy iron strokes culminate in a floating cloud of ethereal light.

The sculptural chandelier takes centre stage in the Main Dining, casting fluid beams of light onto the colonial linen ceilings against a panoramic hand-painted scenery of Japanese fishermen on the Nagara River forming the backdrop to the dining scene inside Kyubi.

See how the sculptural chandelier come alive at Kyubi.

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