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The Flint Collection

Our relationship with Terazzo and The Flint Collection

The studios aim is to bring out the more precious qualities of Terrazzo, elevating it from a surface material into a collection of furniture and objects that accentuate its multi-faceted character. Designing elements with a material more commonly associated with flooring and wall surfaces encourages us to engage with it more intimately.

We look more closely, we touch it, and we appreciate its finer qualities. There is a special beauty in the juxtaposition of using an old material in a new way.

Made in Italy by fourth-generation Artisans.
Finished by hand.
Finished products.

The collection introduces a level of refinement in form and finish to challenge peoples perceptions of the humble material. In place of monolithic, rectilinear blocks, they have crafted domed geometry, curves, bevelled edges and tapered silhouettes.

Flint Collection products.

The collection has been created so that accessories can be playfully stacked and interchanged with other objects in the series. The collection is available in charcoal, with limited edition vessels also available in rose and sage. 

The studios signature metalwork detailing is evident with joints in the furniture appearing stapled in solid brass, revealing stroke, cross, and ring motifs in section. The resulting collection has been designed to complement as broad a range of cultural and stylistic settings as possible. 

Flint Collection Coffee Table, bowl and vase




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