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Hong Kong

Ground Floor
18 Sau WAH Fong
Wan Chai
Hong Kong
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The Rare Table Collection


Borne out of the uncanny similarities in vein pattern, fatty content and blood-red hues of the marble to raw flesh, the “Rare Collection” was created to viscerally inspire this relationship to its audience.


Fabricated by artisanal masonry workers in South West China, the processing of the stone is arduous.

Finished products.

Set within a weathered steel pedestal, the polished finishing of the marble exudes refinement to the point of hiding its own craft. We celebrate the rarity of such marble by mimicking the setting of any other precious stone.

Presentation at Art Basel Hong Kong 2013.

The marble resembles beautiful slabs of raw meat, like slices of the earth’s flesh. It was important to me to celebrate the material’s natural, physical qualities – slicing through layers of veins, fat and pink or red blood hues. – Joyce Wang

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